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Trees on or close to proposed development sites are a constraint to design, and a material consideration in the planning process, especially if they are legally protected. Our arb team undertake tree surveys to the industry standard BS 5837: 2012 to inform design and planning decisions. They will assess the anticipated impact of proposed development on site trees, and advise on which trees should be retained / removed, how retained trees should be protected during the construction phase, and where specialist construction methods may be required to retain them.

There is a balance to be achieved between retaining trees and achieving an efficient site layout. Clearly, commercial realities bear upon these decisions, but trees add real value to the appearance and quality of a development site, as well as enhancing air quality and site ecology.

Our arb team also undertake hazard assessment for trees and provide arboricultural advice on legal and insurance issues, mortgage applications, boundary disputes, Tree Protection Orders (TPO), basement developments and subsidence.

Beech leaves against sky
Tree Silhouette
Tree canopy against sky
Sunset with silhouette of trees
2 unusually shaped trees


  • Tree Survey to BS 5837: 2012

  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Tree Protection Plans

  • Arboricultural Method Statement

  • Legal Advice

  • Construction Phase Supervision

  • Visual Tree Condition Assessments

  • Woodland Management Plans

  • Specifications for Tree Replacement

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