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Habitat Creation, Iwade


Ecological Surveys: Protected Species
Ecological Mitigation Strategy
Habitat Enhancement Works
Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment
Landscape Strategy / Masterplan
Landscape Management Plans
Statutory Consultation

We have extensive expertise in the production of landscape masterplans and detailed layouts for residential developments; large-scale housing developments, village and urban extensions, infill and brownfield sites, conversion and restoration projects, NPPF Paragraph 55 (formerly PPS7) houses in the countryside.

These projects usually require detailed survey and assessment work at the outset of the project, landscape and visual appraisals, as well as ecology and tree surveys.

Lloydbore have played a pivotal role in developing phased plans for the expansion of the village of Iwade in the Thames Gateway area; from the early stages of masterplanning, through public consultation to detailed design and implementation.

This has involved working closely with the consultant team (including WSP Engineers and Keystone Environmental) to produce detailed landscape designs and management strategies areas safeguarded for ecology, wildlife and sustainable drainage (SUDS), and to identify Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space to reduce pressures on nearby nature conservation designations.

A key requirement throughout the project has been the retention of sensitive orchard habitat and the creation of new compensatory habitat to form receptor sites to accommodate the phased relocation of protected species such as great crested newt, lizard and slow worm.

Lloydbore have also undertaken a number of green infrastructure studies, liaising with Natural England and Medway Borough Council to develop Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces (SANGS) and the design of local play facilities and public right of way improvements.

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