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Samuel Durham


Samuel is the Head of Ecology at Lloyd Bore. He manages the ecology team and is ultimately responsible for the quality of our ecology work - from enquiry, through planning, licensing, implementation, project 'sign off' and post-development management and monitoring.

He is the department technical lead for Ecological Impact Assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment and habitat design, creation and restoration.

Samuel advises clients, planners and project managers on ecology-related matters on a daily basis and his advice is held in high regard by our client base.

Samuel has been the project ecologist for some of the largest development schemes in the UK, has represented projects at public exhibition, has been an ecology adviser to a city council and has proven experience of identifying and engaging key environmental stakeholders on behalf of projects.

Samuel is an avid all-round naturalist. He is currently registered to use Natural England class survey licences for bats (level 2), great created newt (level 2), hazel dormouse (level 1) and barn owl, as well as the Natural England water vole displacement class licence and is a named ecologist on protected species mitigation licences for bats, great crested newts and hazel dormice.

07471 036 663

Samuel Durham
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