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Verified images are highly accurate photomontages achieved by combining a 3D model with verified photography and using precise camera positions, survey data, coordinates and a fully structured written methodology. This is an invaluable tool for assessing the predicted visual impact of a given development proposal, and fundamental to methodologies involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), where landscape and visual sensitivities may be key issues. They assist laypeople and professionals alike in understanding development proposals in context, and are particularly useful in assisting designers develop their conceptual ideas, and at the public engagement and planning application stages.

A photograph of the development site at Wares Farm
Wares Farm proposal with planted soil bund
Wares Farm proposal with planted soil bund after 5 years
Princes Parade, Hythe
Princes Parade, Hythe with white ass showing impact of proposed development

In undertaking this work we will consult with the local planning authority to agree potentially sensitive viewpoints for assessment. We will take high resolution photographs from each viewpoint recording a set of detailed parameters, including camera direction, lens focal length, sensor information and time. Our surveyor also records the camera position and a range of reference points for complete accuracy. We then generate a 3D model of the scheme using existing data, models or architectural drawings, importing the survey data and reference points, and matching the camera settings and viewpoint locations. Our advanced post production software allows us to montage the high-resolution photography and rendered 3D model to produce visualisations of the scheme. A report with all relevant viewpoints and precise survey data is then produced together with the relevant before and after images.

This technique also allows us to show the effect of mitigation works, such as structural planting, over a given period of time. We would show, for example, how the proposed development would look on completion. We could then demonstrate how the development would appear at intervals of say, 5, 10 years or more as planting matures, using a range of growth rate parameters for different tree and shrub species.


  • Surveyed Photography

  • 3D Modelling

  • Wireframe Rendering

  • Photo-Real Rendering

  • Photo Montage Production

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